Editor-in-chief Endre Simonyi

I was born in 1937 in Budapest, Hungary.

I graduated as a chemical engineer in 1960 and as an electrical engineer in 1964 at the Budapest University of Technology. I also got my PhD degree about my work in connection with the background areas of my two diplomas here.

I have worked – inter alia – in one of the research institutes of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and at the Budapest University of Technology. In the institute, my department dealt with the development of Hungary’s first computerised process control of the chemical industry. This process was the ammonia synthesis.

I achieved my first result as a scientist at the age of 11, when I successfully identified and found the nest of a bird that has, by that time, been nestling in Hungary only at one place. I have worked out my results with my own method at the research area of the today so-called chaos theory in 1963. However, back then I could not publish them because of the (by now recognized) fault of the Academy Institute workplace I have worked at, by that time. Now it can be found at http://www.europeanscience.net/index.php/mathematics. At this website there are also plenty of my other works from other disciplines of sciences like physics, chemistry, biology and philosophy. With this method I have proved that in those chemical, electronical, engineering, biological, economic and social systems I have been studying, even minor changes can have a real big effect.

I have been teaching at the Budapest University of Technology from 1962 to 1972, at the Óbuda University from 2004 to 2010 and at the Péter Pázmány Catholic University from 2007 to 2010. At every place I have been lecturing a course worked out and elaborated by me.

My first patented invention has been submitted my workplace in 1964. It has been a hydrogen concentration meter, that continuously measured the concentration of hydrogen in the ammonia synthesis-loop’s off-gas. My invention next year has been measuring carbon-dioxide. My subsequent invention, 4 years later, was measuring the water steam content of the carbon monoxide – water steam mixture in the technological pipe itself continuously.

I am presently an active inventor too.

In the year 2007 I have submitted as many patents as the biggest Hungarian university. In the year 2012, I have premiered my invention from back in 2010, in India, at an international conference (http://www.europeanscience.net/index.php/chemistry). The invention is capable of producing coal from the aqueous solution of carbon-dioxide and different carbonates on room temperature, on atmospherical pressure, without the need of a catalyst or an external power source. My three latest inventions are: producing graphene at industrial measures from mined raw coal, an ammonia production from air and water at atmospherical pressure without the condensation of the air and use of any catalyst and the combining of the previous two with a carbon dioxide reducing method.

I have written my first computer program in 1962. It was designed to calculate a chemical reaction. The program, in reality, solved a quadratic equation for 350 different values. By that time it meant the four month long work of two scientists. In 1974 I have worked out a method and a computer program. It gave the best constants and approximation function forms for measurement results. In 1975, at the CHISA chemical world congress I have proved that there cannot be a better one than the so called Othmer water steam tension equation.In 1978 I have published this program in the USA in a scientific journal. For its generalized version I have got an accelerator solution from Ádám Kertész, that has enabled its use with multivariate instances too.

I have written my first expertise in 1970, and I have ever since continued my activity as an expert. My fields include informatics and its every branches and the section of chemical polluters of the environment. I have so far made approximately 4000 expertises, primarily for courts and investigative services, and in small numbers for individuals. Mainly with my self developed methods I have been identifying people and objects from photographs and videos. I have already been the leader of the Electrical, Electronic and Infocommunications Department of the Hungarian Chamber of Forensic Experts.

I am in all the writer of 5 specialized and university books, as well as the author of more than a thousand articles.

And last but not least I have been a scientific journalist from 1962. Currently, I am editor of EuropeanScience.Net and Rendezveny Radio. In 2013 and 2014 I have been to 24 foreign, international conferences from Singapore to Toronto. I am the only Hungarian journalist who does this. (Please find my articles at www.rendezvenyradio.hu.)

Dr. Endre Simonyi