File Encryption

The program is very compact. It isn’t stored in the inner memory (winchester, ROM, flash-ROM). The coded file is practically unable to decode. You can download the file named “code.txt” (4,000 byte). DOWNLOAD HERE!!! You may have never been in the same situation like this with other encryption methods. This file contains the program coded…

Personal Identifier

Person identifiying from picture or film even if the face is covered. The measurement of the visible body parts and comparing the rates with a known object on the photo. Can be used without the sizes and only with the rates. For more information, please contact us!

Person identifier

The most of identifiers which were used to identify a part of a person weren’t really identifying the person but only the device what the person used. It is even truer if it was used via the Internet. This is a true linked-to-person online identifier. For more information, please contact us!