A Few Words on This Column

In this column I publish those of my writings that I consider important.

Why not in a well-known journal, you may ask.

I sent my first two articles in 2003 on the extinction of the dinosaurs to one of the most prestigious journals in the world, which had published the refuted article. Although I did not write it down as I am doing here and now that the criticised article was so erroneous that any high school student with some knowledge on the subject would have been able to refute it, it was nevertheless the case. Despite of this, my article did not get published; I did not as much as get a reply from the editor. (Small wonder as a matter of fact, for running my article would have been equal to admitting they had been in the wrong.)

My study on dynamic systems, written in 1963, failed to get published through fault of the academic institute I was working for at the time (a fault they later acknowledged). Thus the world never had a chance to get to know that study, and that is why the role I played in the working out of, among other things, the chaos theory is not known.

However, this is only one of the reasons.

As you will see, lots of writings relating to many different fields of science are published in this section.

The different publications all have their own criteria for the articles to be run by them. It takes a great deal of effort to meet all those criteria.

I am nearly 75 years old and do not think I have the time and energy to cope with all that. I will therefore publish those writings here, while having the option of informing about it the leading experts in the various fields.

As surely I am not the only one who does not have the opportunity to make their more or less considerable scientific or technical achievements known, I offer everybody concerned the opportunity to do so on the pages of this journal.

The editorial staff do not consider whether an article submitted is a new piece or not. Novelty will be the author’s responsibility. Therefore only writings whose authors give their contact details to appear in the journal will be considered for publication. Another requirement is that it should be possible to check the results and methods contained in the articles.

The Editor