The sell of the patent

About the patent can read in the enclosed text and video    .

The organization
The sell of the patent can make the patent finder and this organization.




Who make a contract between the patent finder and a patent user. This contract will be
in any country,
with or without any time and/or quantity and/or region limit.

Anyone become seller.

The seller get 10 % of the profit of the patent finder. The seller pay from this all tax and fee what it must pay.


Levels are to owners and managers.

The number of the top level is zero and the different between two closest level is one.

The top level is the country manager exclude the US where state manager. On each other level are ten times more person than the next lower-numbered therefore on the level 1 have ten managers and ten owners, on the level 2 hundred managers and hundred owners and so on.
Country managers and state managers get appointment from the patent finder.


The person who pay 200 dollars to the patent finder become owner.

This money must send across his/her manager.

Each owner get a number.

The first digit of this number is the level of his/her manager – 1.
The next “n” digit is the number of his/her manager.
The “n+2”. digit is the level of the owner – 1.
The next “n” digit therefore  up to the “2n+2”. is the number of the owner.

An example: If he/she is in the level 3 and then his/her manager is on the level 2 therefore the first digit will be 2 – 1 = 1. In the level 2 are maximal 99 person. If we presuppose his/her manager is the 80. then  the next two number 8 and 0. The owner level 3 therefore the next number, 3 – 1 = 2. In this level can 999 person and if we are thinking this person is the 500. then the whole number is 1802500.

Why must a so difficult system?

In this system anybody knows
Where is he/she in this system
who is his/her manager
and how many money will get?

Owners in the same level are equal portions owner.

0. level has 1-,
1 level has 2-,
2 level has 3
and so on
percent from the patent fee.

Because of this
on the level 0 the only owner get 1-,
on the level 1 each owner get 0.2-,
on the level 2 each owner get 0.03
and so on percent.

On the next level looks like a very little percent but this is a big sum if it can sell so good what meets the technical, economical and environmental significance.
The manager will give to the owner the certificate of the payment and the number.


Manager can who recruits 10 owners and he/she is also an owner.

The fact of recruitment  is document by the payment.
Managers have also a number what has a same system as owners number.
Managers rake payments from their owners and they send 90 % of this to his/her manager on the next upper level. The remaining 10 % is their. From this part must pay all tax and fee.
Therefore if they have 10 owners then they got back their payment.
But this is not the only income. If their owners are become manager then they get 10 % of these owners payments.
Manager who get the money and the manager who give the money are making a certificate about the money.

5.1. An example

A manager on the level 2 if the all persons  on the level 5 are their then these 1,000 owners send to level 4 200,000 dollars. From this level are sending to the level 3 180,000 dollars. From this level are sending to the level 2 162,000 dollars and from this the remaining part are 16,200 dollars to this manager.


6.1. The beginning

Managers are organizing the top three levels but do not stack and send payment. When these levels are full then they organize a meeting for all managers and owners and the patent finder. Owners pay in this meeting to their manager who are give the 90 percents to the managers of higher level and finally give to his part to patent finder. He give the certificate to the top manager and a copy of the description of the patent on a CD who give certificates to manager of next level and copies of the description of the patent on CD and so on. Finally owners get their certificates and copies of the description of the patent on CD.
The patent finder make a live demo of the patent for these persons if pay each person 10 dollars. Each manager and owner can come with a specialist of the fossil energy if he/she pay more 20 dollars.

6.2. The follows

After this meeting managers are organizing and stack and send money without meetings according point 5.
The live demo can repeat for any thousand managers and owners if they organize this.


Anybody or any firm become a producer after he/she/it get a permission from the patent finder.
The permission is a contract between the producer and the patent finder.


This is not a pyramid game because
each person get a real value (include people of the Earth)
and we want to sell a real valuable goods.

Dr Endre Simonyi
The patent finder