PIN code protection

Since PIN code is a four digit number that many people can not memorize, therefore they write it down on a note. And because it is important that it is at hand, they place the note the to same place as they place their credit cards. That is why anybody who steals the credit card, simultaneously and immediately gets the PIN code too, and usually by the time the owner of the card realizes it, it is already too late. His or her money has already been stolen from the bank account. This problem has hitherto been unsolved.

We solved it.

The solution is so simple to handle, that it can be learnt by anobody. It does not require any special devices. It is so safe that it can not be stolen. In case of usage in large quantities it costs only a few dollars. But even these costs will surely be taken over from the clients by the banks to ensure an even bigger safety.

As for the bank clerks it will only be a one or two minutes extra work to do when giving out cards

Professor, Dr Laszlo de Nagy