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Stability Reserve as a Panacea

To make mathematics more popular, it is important to show how the average person comes into contact with a term, thesis etc. in everyday life.

That is what this piece is for.

Why is it that a cure is effective in the case of some people while it is not in the case of others? Why is it that many, but not all, believers are healed by a “medicine man”, a “spiritual leader” or a shaman, while non-believers are not? Why do certain species of animals (the dinosaurs, for example) become extinct through an effect which same effect did not cause their demise when being experienced earlier? Why is the outcome of that certain last drop different from that of the many earlier drops? Why did the Roman Empire ceased to exist when attacked by the Goths, whereas earlier it had survived several invasions (the Longobards had occupied the whole of Italy, Attila, king of the Huns, got as far as Rome and the Goths themselves had intruded into its territory a few times, defeating the legions sent to fight them, and had even killed Valens Caesar)? Why did the Chernobyl catastrophe take place just because staff wanted to cool the reactor in a somewhat shorter time than usually? (They are alleged to have done so because they wanted to go home earlier.) And why is it that many people believe everything certain politicians say, while not believing other politicians? (There was no mention of the latter two in my 1963 study.)

Is there a genuine explanation of all these? And is it the same for things so different?


The answer lies in stability reserve.

The term stability reserve and the method of examination based on it are an application of fuzzy logic, which did not yet exist when I introduced the term reserve stability. As regards the term reserve stability, I ran into the same problem as with the directional curve. As the profession did not know about it, it was rediscovered and given a new name. (That is why in the literature the term nullcline is used instead of directional curve. But in the case of the directional curve, I can, with a writing of mine published in English in 1967, at least prove to have been the first.)

We get such a result when the stability reserve of the examined system has become so little that even a slight effect like for example faith, a drop or, in the case of the dinosaurs, the crash of a bolida into earth pushes the system into another state, causing tremendous change.

There is no need for pseudo-scientific “explanations”. There is no “bio energy”. There is no “aura effect”. There is nothing of the kind.

Dr. Endre Simonyi