Calling for tender

The topic of the contest: To produce elemental carbon from soda on room temperature, atmospheric pressure, without using any external energy source, in test tube(s) and under 30 minutes.

Significance: The coal, gas power plants are the largest emitters of carbon dioxide. Therefore, producing coal from the fluegas of these plants is the largest carbon-dioxide emission reduction.

Participants: Every student (university, college and high school students and even elementary school pupils) can participate in the competition.

Participation: The would be participant indicates his/her willingness to participate to the writer of the tender in a letter, who then verifies the arrival of the letter and after the deadline informs the participant about the time and the place of the presentation. The Address of the writer: 36. Temes St., Erd, Hungary, H-2030

Deadline: The last opportunity to take part in the competition: 2012.05.31.

Successful participation: The participation is successful if the competitor can produce the subject of the competion with a better efficiency than the writer could. It means that using a given amount of water containing carbon dioxide, more coal precipitates in the test tube, than, with identical circumstances in the tube of the orgaziner. Furthermore, the participant has to declare the reaction with which he/she produced the material and proves that truly it was the reaction.

Prize: The total prize of the successful contestants is at least $50,000. This sum will be split amongst the contestants in proportion of the created coal. The existence of the sum will be proven at the presentation.

Join the writer of the contest: The writer is not a wealthy individual. With the support of sponsors, the prize can increase, therefore the writer is looking for sponsors.

Publicity: The contestants prove the success of the experiment with a presentation. On this presentation, the international press also gets invited. Everything else takes place privately. The informations given here are handled secretly.

Rights: In case the participant demonstrates his/her own invention, then the related rights don’t get to the writer of the tender with giving the prize money.

Debate: The generated coal is filtered, dried and weighed and the result is presented in place. Therefore there is no place for complaining. In case of a debate about the things proven in the private part, a chosen court judges.