Good quality coal out of constructional waste and mortar debris (Second variant)

This isn’t a bad joke. This is a very significant invention, because it produces products that reduce the rate of global warming from pollutant waste.

The patent truly produces good quality coal from constructional waste and mortar debris, without the use of:
-polluting power source.
-in industrial sizes,
-with moderately low investment costs,

It enables, that there is no need to close coal power plants because of their polluting nature, and it can reduce the coal buying of power plants provided that they are equipped with the add-on.

If it occurs, then the title does not magnify.

Obviously, we do not want to issue any technical information about the invention, and chartering can only be carried out if business meetings are going on successfully. However, we are ready to prove our statement with a demonstration.

The demonstration.
1. We mix the fragments of mortar that you provide with the “miracle2” in a tube.
2. We then heat the mixture.
3. We heat the “mixture2” alone in an other tube.
4. We wait a few minutes than take a look at them. We should see that in the mixture, there are black colored precipitates while in the other, there are no black colored precipitates.
5. The sample which we get out of the precipitate then can be carried to a laboratory that we both trust to ensure that the experiment was successful because the precipitate really contains coal.

I suppose this method fits both party.

Although the production of coal is a vital part of the invention, however, the regeneration of the “miracle2” without the cleansing of the coal wouldn’t be worth anything. We have the method for doing this too.

Dr. Endre Simonyi