EOW (Eocene Of the World) – coal power plants

Isn’t a too intellectually sounding title, is it? (The world “eocene” means “new era”.) Is it really the “new era of the world”, that is a patent which is given without the essence of the technical solution?

The patent produces good quality coal from carbon-dioxide, without the use of
-polluting power source.
-in industrial sizes,
-with moderately low investment costs,
It enables, that
-there is no need to close coal power plants because of their polluting nature
-it can reduce the coal purchasing of power plants
These conditions apply provided that they are equipped with the add-on.
If it occurs, then the title doesn’t blow up.

One part of the invention is an industrial flue gas washer that obtains carbon-dioxide and which has already been used through the years.

Obviously, we do not want to issue any technical information about the invention, and chartering can only be carried out if business meetings are proceeding successfully. However, we are ready to prove our statement with a demonstration.

The flue gas washer produces the aqueous solution of a carbonate or carbonic acid. This is the initial material process of the demonstration.

The demonstration:
1. We mix the (Na, K)2CO3, CaCO3 powder or soda that you supply with the distilled water that is also provide by you with the right rate in the correct amount. Obviously this is unneccessary with the soda.
2. We then solve the “miracle” in an amount of water same with the previous process. (In the case of the soda, we just sprinkle the powder in it.)
3. Then we put one part of the latter away, the other part is then added to the carbonate. (With the soda, the part to put away is the “miracle” dissolved in water without carbonic acid.)
4. We wait an hour than take a look at them. We should see that in the water with the carbonate, there are black coloured precipitates while in the water with no carbonate, there are no precipitates.
5. The then filtrate the mixture with the carbonate and then wash the precipitate in distilled water.
6. The sample which we get out of the precipitate then can be carried to a laboratory that we both trust to ensure that the experiment was successful because the precipitate really contains coal.
I suppose this method fits both party.
The reduction of carbon-dioxide is a vital part of the invention, however, the regeneration of the “miracle”s without the cleansing of the coal wouldn’t be worth anything. We have the method for doing this too.

Dr. Endre Simonyi